• BECOME A SUPERHERO! – help Patryk and join the elite group of superheroes

Patryk was born on July 29,2015 in Bydgoszcz. He was diagnosed with a TGA heart defect and a hole between the chambers. As a result of the post-operative complications (cardiac catheterization) necrosis in both feet appeared, and he had his left foot amputated. Thanks to the support of his family and people of good-will the boy has started to learn to walk, however in order to ensure his proper development further, more advanced therapy and prosthetic foot are needed.

We would like to join the circle of help and thus during the European Athletics U23 Championships plastic caps are going to be collected and later given to Patryk’s parents to cover the cost of his physiotherapy.

The containers, where caps can be thrown, will be displayed all over the stadium, so why don’t you join us and support the action! Join the circle of help and become a SUPERHERO!


Excessive noise, disease, congestion, air pollution, lack of security and traffic jams are just the few among many hardships that the citizens of most big cities struggle with on a daily basis. The studies prove that 40% of C02 and 70% of other pollutants in the metropolis are emitted by road transport vehicles. Surely, when it comes to air pollution and its negative impact on the environment, it is vehicle transport that has arisen the largest controversy. It is not only related to carbon dioxide, nitrogen, or iron and sulphur compounds emission, but also water contamination with chloride and heavy metals, as well as noise and ecological barriers.


How can we make a difference? A feasible alternative to individual transport is public transport, as a bus emits five times less pollution, uses three times less energy and covers twenty times smaller road space per passenger, compared to individual transport.   

Therefore, we would like to encourage all the fans of the European Athletics U23 Championships to take advantage of public transport or a bike when coming to the stadium. Everyone who shows a valid bus or tram ticket (validated within an hour before the event) will be entitled to purchase a day entrance ticket to the event half-price!* It also concerns all the bike lovers - as anyone who will park their bike on the bike stand outside the venue will be allowed a 50% off the entrance ticket on the day of the competition.

Additionally, anyone who has purchased the Event ticket in advance can travel to the stadium by public transport for free (on the day the Event ticket is due).

Support our Super-sports stars and be eco! Come to the stadium car-free!

*It concerns full day-tickets valid/purchased on the particular day.


On 13-14 July, ECH U’23 will be visited by EKOBUS, a mobile laboratory equipped with modern research facilities. Animators along with the mascot - Stork Boguś will encourage the youngest to reduce the amount of waste produced, to segregate and recycle it, and will explain how Bydgoszcz waste heat recovery (ZTPOK) works.

EKOBUS is one of the tools for promoting the ecology and education of the youngest. EKOBUS'es task is to develop good waste management practices, from conscious shopping and waste disposal through segregation to building the awareness of waste that can be used as the source of energy.