Norwegian hurdler Karsten Warholm broke the European record. Croatian javelin thrower Sara Kolak and Turkish runner Yasemin Can broke the EC U23 added one more title to their collection! In three competitions the athletes from the same country stood on the podium.

Warholm won the 400 m hurdles final - time 48,37 s. He beat Marek Plawgo record (48,45 s. in EC U23in... Bydgoszcz 2003).

Kolak did not disappoint and did what is expected of the Olympic Champion.  After a superb series, she won with her second throw of 65.12m, setting the new European U23 record. Latvia's Anete Kocina was very close behind (by 70cm) and won silver with 64.47m while Poland's Marcelina Witek claimed bronze with 63.03m.

All three medallists of 5000 metres women (Yasemin Can, Alina Reh, Sarah Lahti) reached better time than European U23 Championships record (15:16.79 by Elvan Abeylegese from 2003).

Italians, Poles and Ukrainian stood on the podium in doubles. First Yohanes Chiappinelli took gold and Ahmed Abdelwahed silver in 3000m hurdles and next Poles Sofia Ennaoui claimed silver and Martyną Galant bronze in 1500m, (gold was taken by Konstanze Klosterhalfen). And - at least - Yuliya Levchenko won (1,96 m - EL) and Iryna Herashchenko took silver in high jump.

Jaroslaw Dabrowski, LOC Press Office

Yohanes Chiappinelli and Ahmed Abdelwahede- gold and silver medalist in 5000 m