Konrad Bukowiecki won the shot put competition held at the Square in Bydgoszcz, reaching 20.99 at the first attempt. Michał Haratyk followed suit, getting the qualification minimum to the August  IAAF World Championships. 

The Champion, representing Gwardia Szczytno, ‘kicked off’ with a spectacular 20.99 and no one managed to take the lead away from him (series of: 20.99-20.78-20.35-20.20-x-x), thus confirming his readiness to the IAAF World Championships.

“Nice event and great atmosphere. I am looking forward to coming back to Bydgoszcz in July, to the European U23 Championships. I promise to throw as far as today,” ensures the European indoor record holder Konrad Bukowiecki. His father-coach also points out his satisfaction at the results.

Michał Haratyk, the runner-up from European Championships in Amsterdam, followed suit, improving his results with each next attempt (opened with 19.15, went for 20.69 to conclude with a spectacular 20.90).  The final throw of his 7kg ball was not only the fifth best result in his career but also a guarantee of a safe place on the national team, heading to the World Championships in London.

Third place was claimed by Jakub Szyszkowski, who threw 20.00 at the fifth attempt. To a young junior, born in 1998,  Szymon Mazur from Sosnowiec, it was also a good event, as he improved his life best three times concluded the competition with 19.34 (third best result in Polish junior shot putting a senior ball).

It was a very successful day - several life records beaten in a great atmosphere, to the cheer of crowds of spectators and guests (among the many: Jacek Wszoła, Rafał Bruski - the Mayor of Bydgoszcz, or Sebastian Chmara). Tomorrow at 19:00 Zawisza Stadium in Bydgoszcz will host the participants of the 17th European Athletics Festival, starring among others: Ewa Swoboda, Justyna Święty, Joanna Jóźwik and Paweł Wojciechowski. Entrance free!

Bydgoszcz (PZLA), Maciej Jałoszyński