Maria Andrejczyk, Ewa Swoboda, Konrad Bukowiecki and Sofia Ennaoui – are the superheroes of the European U23 Championships, Bydgoszcz 2017. Let us present the third of them and her most famous attribute.


Sofia Ennaoui means RESISTANCE.

A super-resistant Sofia Ennaoui is well-known for her secret weapon ‘a turbo-power switch’ activated at the last metres of the race. Her rivals can never feel safe feeling her breath on their backs, as Sofia is like a lightning striking out of the blue and heading for victory, to the astonishment of many, who had thought they had medals at hand.

This brilliant athlete will be admired during an championships held in Rome, at the Olimpico Stadium, at the distance of1500m. The stakes are high and the rivals prominent, yet stamina and resistance are her secret weapon and will surely help her reach another great result!

When it comes to the upcoming Championships in Bydgoszcz Ennaoui admits: “European events always gather the best athletes and so the stakes are high, even though it is the competition only for the U23. I do want to claim gold in at such a prestigious event, the more it’s held on the Polish ground.”

More secrets from Sofia shall be unveiled during an interview to be published shortly.

Just as before, we presented the beginnings of the sport careers of Konrad Bukowiecki and Maria Andrejczyk, now, a few facts about our sprinting super-runner’s path to fame.

“My adventure with sport began in grade four of a local primary school in Lipiany, when my teachers discovered my ‘gift’ at running and nominated me as a school representative to the inter-scholar cross-country relay championships. Until 2010 I kept racing in both individual and team events while attending extra-curricular PE classes and then, my PE teacher managed to talk me into joining a local athletics team run by Wojciech Szymaniak in a nearby Barlinek. I have been there ever since, gaining confidence. I am very happy I decided to follow this path, as in running I feel like ‘a fish in water’!

You can learn more about Sofia from our news or social media, where she is very active and RESISTANT, like a true superheroine: